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    Summer and Fall 2019

    Sweetest salutations to the month of June! I can hardly believe how quickly summer is going by! This summer I have been keeping myself mighty busy. I’ve been training in the Digital knowledge Center on campus by creating as many digital projects as I can using programs like: Photoshop, Final cut Pro, Logic Pro, and others. I hope to post them soon. In addition, I will be starting an internship with C21 realty soon as a social media manager. I am really looking forward to using my digital fluency to help grow their brand, and attract new business. I will also be nannying 3 little girls and I can’t wait…

  • CDS classes,  Projects

    Visual Rhetoric

    “Study of the rhetorical use of visual texts with an emphasis on the development and use of visual arguments”-UMW. In this class I worked to create visual campaigns for a variety of topics including vaccinations, micro-plastics, and accessibility on campus. I created logos, video advertisements, and several visual-focused presentations. Below you will find a few of the projects I created for this class.  Vaccinations (ad #2 by me) Microplastics (Logo and all visuals by me) Accessiblity On Campus

  • CDS classes,  Projects

    Digital Studies 395

    According to the UMW website in this class students, “Apply the skills and methodologies developed in the Digital Studies curriculum toward larger-scale, self-designed digital projects that contribute meaningfully to some cultural field, academic discipline, social issue, or other research question” For me, this meant organizing, filming, and editing my own local trash clean up. At the time of this assignment, there was a social media challenge going around called #Trashtag. The #trashtag challenge is an effort to clean up litter and trash at beaches, roadsides, parks, etc. It requires people to go outdoors to help clear trash and litter, with a focus on taking care of local communities for future generations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnZwJden8ZU…

  • CDS classes,  Projects

    Digital Approaches to Fine Art

    This class provided an overview of different digital platforms such as Adobe Photoshop as well as a closer look at the work of several digital artists. View this post and click the link here, to see all of the digital projects and blog posts I created for Digital Approaches to Fine Art. Multi-Model Self Portrait Gifs, not Jifs Final Ukulele Project

  • Overlapping


    I love it when topics I’m learning about overlap in multiple classes, for example: memes. In my digital studies class we talked about the spread and creation of memes, and in my rhetorical criticisms class we talked about their origin and purpose. In digital studies 101 digital ethics are discussed and debated nearly every class. When it comes to memes we debated whether or not it is ethical to use someone else’s image as a reaction and include text that they did not approve of. My stance is that it depends on whether or not this meme will tarnish the subject’s digital identity and if the answer is yes, then…

  • From Me to you

    Hello world!

    Sweetest salutations to the lovely people who have stumbled upon my humble website. I’m Isabelle Attard, a communication and digital studies major at the University of Mary Washington. This university has opened so many doors already and I only just transferred from Germanna Community College at the start of fall semester. One of these doors is the domain of one’s own program that’s allowed me to communicate on a broader stage and is the sole reason I’m able to connect with YOU. Whoever you are, thank you for visiting my website and I encourage you to poke around and discover what’s waiting for you behind every digital door.