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Summer and Fall 2019

Sweetest salutations to the month of June! I can hardly believe how quickly summer is going by! This summer I have been keeping myself mighty busy. I’ve been training in the Digital knowledge Center on campus by creating as many digital projects as I can using programs like: Photoshop, Final cut Pro, Logic Pro, and others. I hope to post them soon. In addition, I will be starting an internship with C21 realty soon as a social media manager. I am really looking forward to using my digital fluency to help grow their brand, and attract new business. I will also be nannying 3 little girls and I can’t wait to teach, explore, and create STEM projects with them!

When August comes around I am looking forward to hitting the ground running Fall semester of my senior year. I will be taking 5 classes: Pop Culture, Intro to Rhetoric and Communication, Intro to Cinema Studies, American Music, and Writing About Technology. I will be posting my work from those classes here and any visuals I create on my new page: — Check it out!

I hope you’re having a great summer, stay tuned for more digital discussions!

Thanks for reading!


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