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Digital Studies 395

According to the UMW website in this class students, “Apply the skills and methodologies developed in the Digital Studies curriculum toward larger-scale, self-designed digital projects that contribute meaningfully to some cultural field, academic discipline, social issue, or other research question”

For me, this meant organizing, filming, and editing my own local trash clean up. At the time of this assignment, there was a social media challenge going around called #Trashtag.

The #trashtag challenge is an effort to clean up litter and trash at beaches, roadsides, parks, etc. It requires people to go outdoors to help clear trash and litter, with a focus on taking care of local communities for future generations.

This was my first attempt at vlogging, and in depth video editing. I worked on this project throughout the semester. I set clear schedules for the process and met most of my objectives. Although I would change some things if I went back to create this vlog now, I am happy with how it turned out.

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